About Us

Jeremiah McVay is the founder of Stereoactive Media and has worked in film, video, and podcast production for twenty years. He has studied film production, as well as history and theory. He also hosted weekly movie discussions about new releases and covered film festivals on a news and culture podcast from 2017-2021.

Stephen Anderson is an award-winning writer and producer of news, educational, and informational content for outlets like NBC, Discovery, A&E, and Amplify Education. He has also worked on several short films and appeared as a background actor in television and movies, including Law & Order, The West Wing, and Spider Man 3.

Alicia Patron is based in New York City and has worked in the luxury travel industry for over a decade. She has studied acting with The Barrow Group in New York, and improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York and Los Angeles. Stereoactive Movie Club is her first foray into podcasting.

Mia Brezin enjoys historical fiction, yoga, swimming, bagels, traveling, and of course watching movies- ideally with a cocktail and box of SnoCaps in hand. To pay the bills, she works for a nonprofit focused on community revitalization based in New York.